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21 June 2023


 “It is more important to influence people than to impress them”.
– Adrian Rogers

Personal Power

Your personal power is linked to your ability to influence others.

This week’s ADHD Advantage

Your Positive ADHD Influence

Use your positive ADHD traits to influence others ethically and responsibly, with the intention of creating positive outcomes for everyone involved.
Focus on building relationships, understanding others, and providing value.

Seek win-win solutions and strive to find solutions or agreements that benefit all parties involved.
Show that your proposal or idea can address their needs while also achieving your objectives, increasing the likelihood of acceptance and cooperation.
Everyone needs positive influence.

This week’s ADHD Challenge


Your Emotional Roller Coaster

Your ADHD may make you more sensitive than others to rejection, teasing, criticism, or your own perception that you have failed or fallen short.

This is a condition called rejection-sensitive dysphoria (RSD), which is common among people with ADHD.

Your emotions are a by-product of your thoughts.
Negative emotions are formed from insecurity and fear or when reality doesn’t meet your expectations.
If you feel sad or angry, it is because you have assumed there must be something wrong with your life.


“Emotions are something you feel, not who you are”. — Jim Livingstone



  • Emotions are born of thought…think different thoughts.
  • Emotions are never an accurate picture of the world around us. They are a temporary perspective linked to a particular event in your life.
  • An emotion is only as strong as you allow it to be. Radically change your physiology.
  • When we realize that emotions are just thoughts, they lose their power to distort our lives.
  • Your emotions are a reflection of the quality of your thinking and your current ability to make good decisions..
  • Never make major decisions when you are riding the emotional rollercoaster

Weekly Tip

Positive Tips.

1.  Practice self-care.

2.  Make your health a priority.

3.  Take charge of your emotions.

4.  Make time for activities that recharge and rejuvenate you.


“You are in a much better position to serve others when your basic needs are met, and your ‘tank is full”. — Michael Hyatt


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