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13 September 2023


“Not happy? Change your life by using your personal power to make decisions and take action”.


Personal Power

Personal power is the ability to shape your life to align with your values and deepest desires.

You have the ability to say ‘No’ to people and actions that are not aligned with your goals and current life purpose.

Use your personal power to set your day up to receive the outcomes and experiences that matter to you.

This week’s ADHD Advantage


Your ADHD Curiosity

You are rarely satisfied with the status quo, you like to challenge existing ideas and perspectives.

Your curiosity stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which fuels creativity and innovation.

Curiosity encourages you to connect seemingly unrelated concepts, leading to different solutions.

This week’s ADHD Challenge


Stop Thinking and Start DOing

One of our challenges is to reign in our awesome ability to find so many solutions and then actually do something with all the great ideas.

I love nothing better than sitting down and brainstorming solutions.

The dopamine is flowing like a river.

The problem is ideas without action are only daydreams and won’t get us closer to our dreams and aspirations.


“An idea without action is like a bow without an arrow.” – Martin Luther King



  • Set a time limit for the brainstorming/collecting ideas phase
  • Pick your top three ideas or solutions.
  • Go for progress over perfection.
  • Select the one that you feel has the best chance of success.
  • Write ONE physical action you can take immediately.
  • Don’t think … DO
  • Review results and adjust.

Weekly Tip

Set Some Boundaries

Setting boundaries helps you allocate your time and energy effectively by minimising distractions and interruptions.
Personal boundaries allow you to prioritise your own well-being and take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health.
Boundaries demonstrate self-respect and self-worth and help you avoid becoming overwhelmed by excessive demands.


You have the right to say ‘No’ without feeling guilty” – Manuel J Smith


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