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13 December 2023

Hi, and welcome to my weekly ADHD Newsletter.

I will be making some changes to my newsletter over the next couple of weeks, please bear with me while I rearrange things. IT is not my strong suit.

I am also writing my second book dedicated to people who, like me, were diagnosed later in life or those who are still waiting! 

If you want to share your story, I would love to hear it and, with your permission, possible inclusions in the final manuscript. Many hearts make the journey easier.
In the months ahead I will be sharing my ADHD authors journey, warts and all and ultimately supporting other ADHDers on their adventure.
If you have any questions about getting diagnosed or how to deal with the challenges that come with a late diagnosis, please send me an email jim@jimlivingstone.com.au

Weekly Tip

Set aside dedicated time to daydream

A study in the Psychological Science journal reveals that allowing your mind to daydream and wander helps boost your creativity.

Society might see it as laziness or being away with the fairies. But daydreaming could also be the reason why you are highly creative at work.

Daydreams have been proven to lower anxiety, reduce stress and enhance creativity

“Use daydreaming as a tool to spark your ADHD curiosity and creativity, then get to work to bring it into reality” –  Jim Livingstone

Grab a FREE copy of my Book

About my book notes.

I have read over 500+ books since 1992. Unfortunately, my limited ADHD memory means I forget most of it within a week or two!

I started keeping notes of interest on Word docs for later reference, and I am using these notes as the basis of what I present here.

When I’m reading and come across an inspiring idea or something that I haven’t heard before or something I want to try, I save it.

That’s all my notes are. I’m not summarising the book. I’m just saving useful ideas for later recall and use.

Grab your FREE copy of My Book Notes,Odd One Out: The Maverick’s Guide to Adult ADD

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