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22 May 2024

As our understanding of ADHD deepens, there has been a shift from viewing it purely as a disability to recognising

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15 May 2024

Improving time awareness and overcoming ADHD time allocation challenges can be addressed with strategies tailored to your unique needs Here

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08 May 2024

Diagnosis can be a maze, to reduce cognitive load and enhance readability, here are the basic elements of getting an

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01 May 2024

The media has been telling us that there has been a huge spike in people being diagnosed with ADHD, many

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17 April 2024

As I dive into my seventh decade on this spinning rock, I have only just realised that I suffer from

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10 April 2024

If you are working hard to improve yourself and your life but still struggling to make any headway, the chances

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03 April 2024

The neurotypical system refers to societal structures, norms, and expectations designed predominantly to accommodate individuals with typical neurodevelopment. It often

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27 March 2024

We need to change the current perception of ADHD that is commonly perceived through a negative and sterile medical lens.

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