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12 July 2023


ADHD is not a curse, it’s a gift. It gives me the ability to hyperfocus, be highly adaptable, and think quickly on my feet.


Personal Power

Your personal power is your ability to alter your life. You can’t take ADHD out of your life. But you can change how you think about it and how you let it impact your life. Discover your positive ADHD traits and use them to the benefit of all…starting with yourself!

This week’s ADHD Advantage

Your Faster ADHD Processing Speed

As Dr Ned Hallowell says, you have a powerful, high-speed ADHD brain. 
You can process information much faster than neurotypicals.  Your faster processing ability can be used to your advantage in fast-paced and dynamic environments. 

People with ADHD can thrive in situations that require quick decision-making and adaptability.

Learn to control and use it to your advantage.

This week’s ADHD Challenge

Limiting State of Mind.


Living in a neurotypical world has left some deep emotional scars. You were told many times as you were growing up that you were useless, hopeless, a waste of space, brain dead, unworthy and unloved.

Repeated over time, these negative emotions formed limiting beliefs that now control your life. Do not dwell on past thoughts, worn-out ideas, and false beliefs.


“There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them”. — Anthony De Mello



  • Start with awareness; examine your current beliefs and the reasons behind them. Are they based on personal rational thinking or external influences over time?
  • Gather knowledge that challenges your existing beliefs. Read books, articles, or YouTube, and seek different perspectives on the topic.
  • Approach the process with an open mind. Be willing to consider alternative viewpoints and evaluate them as they improve your life. 
  • Consider the evidence and arguments supporting both your current beliefs and the new perspectives you encounter.
  • Analyse the logical consistency and validity of different viewpoints before making any conclusions.
  • Dump beliefs that don’t support you or that you have outgrown.
  • Accept that changing beliefs will be both a rational and an emotional process. 
  • Be open to the discomfort that may arise and work through it to reach a deeper understanding of your own values.
  • Do the work because you are so worth it!

Weekly Tip

Getting Started

Pick ONE major goal for the week.

  • Write a simple but specific description of the outcome you want.
  • Make sure the specific goal is under your control.
  • Make it measurable, black and white, yes, you did, or no, you didn’t achieve it. Hold yourself accountable.
  • Set a time frame for completion.
  • Break the project into tasks, then, if necessary, break the tasks into steps.
  • Make a list of the steps you can take to get you started.
  • Check your progress throughout the day and at the day’s end.
  • Cross off the tasks completed and adjust the steps if needed.
  • Go over the goal outcome you want each morning.
  • Use an accountability partner if it helps you reach your goal or fly solo; the choice is yours, always.
  • Evaluate your result, learn, and adjust the process to work for your unique blend of ADHD.


“Wisdom is accumulated knowledge that has been gained through repeated experience”. Dr Joe Dispenza


About my book notes.

I have read over 500+ books since 1992. Unfortunately, my limited ADHD memory means I forget most of it within a week or two!

I started keeping notes of interest on Word docs for later reference, and I am using these notes as the basis of what I present here.

When I’m reading and come across an inspiring idea or something that I haven’t heard before, or something I want to try, I save it.

That’s all my notes are. I’m not summarizing the book. I’m just saving useful ideas for later recall and use.

For your FREE copy of My Book Notes, www.jimlivingstone.com.au/adhd-resources/book-notes/

Take care, enjoy
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