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29 March, 2023


“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” — Jim Rohn


Personal Power

Your personal power is limited by your ability to imagine a better you. To see and feel what it will be like already having achieved an essential life-changing goal.

To change the patterns in your brain, you have to change your behaviour. 

Before you go to the gym, see and feel what it is like to have your desired health and fitness. Then train with that emotional energy coursing through your body. 

When you sit down to work, take a few minutes to imagine the task finished. Feel the energy and emotions of having completed the task. Now work to create that reality.

Apply this process consistently to all areas of your life, and the changes will astound you.

This week’s ADHD Advantage

Focused and Cool Under Pressure.

Your ADHD brain, when placed in a life-threatening situation, can be remarkably calm.

Every sense is alive and hyper-focused on getting the job done.

No Distractions, no procrastination, no overthinking.

The key is to trick your brain into thinking you face a life-threatening challenge.

Remember, your brain can’t differentiate between what’s real or imaginary.


“Sometimes you surprise yourself with what you do under pressure”. Chris Bosh



This week’s ADHD Challenge

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you step outside your comfort zone, you challenge yourself to try new things and take risks. This can lead to personal growth and development, helping you to learn new skills, build confidence, and increase your self-awareness. 

     By pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, you can gain a new perspective, develop new strategies, and       find creative solutions to problems. 
    This can broaden your horizons and help you to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the               world around you.

By facing challenges and overcoming obstacles, you can build your mental and emotional strength and develop a more positive mindset.

Overall, stepping outside of your comfort zone can be challenging, but the benefits can be significant. By taking risks and trying new things, you can grow personally, improve your performance, build resilience, increase        creativity, and expand your horizons. Trying new things can also expose you to new experiences, opportunities, cultures, and perspectives.

Weekly Tip

Changing Your Beliefs about ADHD

First, acknowledge ADHD is very real. Next, you need to move from seeing ADHD as a curse. It isn’t the end of the road. It’s just a “different road” to reach your goals and dreams.

ADHD is not a “disorder” but rather a cluster of valuable traits and skills that, when managed correctly, can produce outstanding results in any field of endeavour or enterprise.

ADHD is not a flaw. It’s a unique way of thinking. It allows you to see the world differently and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

Train your ADHD mind to find solutions. Be amazing.



“ADHD is not a limit to what you can achieve; it’s a challenge to find your own way.”                –Jessica McCabe



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