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27 September 2023


“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” – Jack Sparrow


Personal Power

Personal power allows you to seek out the life that is YOUR best life.

You have the power to look at all the options available to you, discard the trivial many, and then pick and choose the important few.

Take some time to review the important few, and make adjustments to get back on course.

This week’s ADHD Advantage


Your ADHD Creativity

You get one life. Don’t screw it up by trying to be normal.

There is no ‘normal’, only a picture painted by people who gain from creating this illusion.

Just be you. Capitalise on your ‘differences’, because they are your unique signature strengths.

This week’s ADHD Challenge


Daring to Be Different

Society encourages conformity.

Being different can come with both social and personal challenges. Socially, you might face discrimination, prejudice, and judgment from others who don’t understand or accept your differences.

If you struggle to fit in or be accepted by mainstream society, it can lead to feelings of isolation, rejection, or even bullying.


“I thought not fitting in was something I had to fix. Now I see it as my superpower.” – Maxime Lagacé



  • Find your ‘different’ tribe who understand and relate to your challenges.
  • A supportive, like-minded community can help to increase self-acceptance and resilience.
  • Recognise and celebrate your diversity, and the opportunity to make your unique ADHD contribution to society.
  • You can’t control society, but you can control how you respond to events and situations.
  • By better understanding yourself and knowing how ADHD affects your attention, executive functioning, and impulse control can provide a foundation for developing strategies to overcome challenges.

Weekly Tip

Keep Learning

Continuous learning will broaden your horizons, enhance your skills, and keep your mind sharp.

Explore new subjects, read books, listen to podcasts, take courses, or engage in hobbies that stimulate your intellect.

Learning new skills will open up new opportunities

Try doing something ‘different’ and exciting.


“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over”. – Richard Branson


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