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28 December, 2022


“Don’t waste your time being what someone wants you to become, in order to feed their list of rules, boundaries, and insecurities. Find your tribe. They will allow you to be you, while you dance in the rain.”– Shannon L. Alder.


Personal Power


Dump the bullsh*t ADHD disability story you have been fed and are still reading and posting about.

Yes, you have challenges, but you must focus on the positive benefits ADHD provides. You can’t think about your ADHD in any negative way because your brain can only hold a negative or a positive thought.

If you are still predominately thinking limiting thoughts about your ADHD, you can’t fully exploit your positive skills and abilities.

ADHD is about grabbing hold of an idea that you’re excited about and channeling all your energy into that. With that mindset, it’s amazing what you can achieve.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller.


ADHD Challenge

Crash and Burn Patterns

Everything was going well then for some reason, you don’t understand or remember you fell off the wagon.

Only this time, you didn’t just fall off the wagon. You drove it over a cliff and then set fire to it!

We all do it from time to time in varying degrees of severity.


  • Sell all your wagon!
  • Look for the trigger that preceded the behaviour. Was it stress? 
  • Ask yourself is this action the best course to achieve my goals?
  • Use your creativity to come up with a better alternative.
  • Delay taking immediate action for seven minutes.
  • Breath in deeply and fill your lungs and stomach, count to eight, exhale, then repeat six to eight times 
  • Listen to some uplifting or calming music, whatever floats your boat
  • Practise self-care over self-destruction!

This week’s ADHD Advantage

Unrelenting curiosity. 

Curiosity helps us survive. The urge to explore helps us remain vigilant and gain knowledge about our constantly changing environment, which may be why our brains evolved to release dopamine and other feel-good chemicals when we encounter new things.

By being curious, you can see new worlds and possibilities that are normally not visible. They are hidden behind the surface of normal life, and it takes a curious mind to look beneath the surface and discover these new worlds and possibilities.

Curiosity is behind everything discovered, built and brought into existence you see around you.

Weekly Tip

any of us were raised with shame-based perceptions of discipline – it involved punishment for being ‘bad’ and we may have felt judged or rejected. That is NOT self-discipline.

Self-discipline is a form of self-care and the cornerstone of character.

Self-discipline is also a form of freedom. Freedom from laziness and lethargy, freedom from the expectations and demands of others, freedom from weakness and fear or doubt.

All self-discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do. The freedom to be a master of your thoughts and emotions is ultimately worth more than any temporary gratification you’re depriving yourself of.

Self-discipline means self-control, self-mastery, and the ability to have “dinner before dessert.”
The key word is “sacrifice.” It is the ability for you to sacrifice immediate pleasure or gratification in the present to enjoy greater rewards down the road.

The payoff for practising self-discipline is immediate. Whenever you discipline yourself and force yourself to do the right thing, whether you feel like it or not, you will like and respect yourself more. Your self-esteem increases. Your self-image improves.

Your brain releases endorphins which make you happy and proud. You get a payoff every time you hold your feet to the fire


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
– Jim Rohn.


Take care, enjoy
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