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The Ultimate Success Guide

Millions of adults are diagnosed with ADHD—but few find solutions needed to thrive…

How to Succeed with Your High-Performance ADHD Brain and Start Living a Happy and Successful Life?

Have you been diagnosed with ADHD and are looking for solutions?
Would you like to take control over those thoughts that are bothering you and making you tired?
Would you like to escape this never-ending race and start living and achieving your goals instead of just surviving?
If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please read on…
Dealing with ADHD is not easy, especially if you don’t know how to turn it around and control it.
Have you ever dealt with any of these? Most of them?
Well. In this case, I think you are exactly where you should be right now because this book can be life-changing for you and those you love most.

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What’s Inside:

  • How do you master your ADHD mind, so you start controlling it instead of it ruling your life?
  • A proven way to set goals and achieve them no matter how old you are and how long you have had ADHD.
  • Why is changing your inner beliefs about ADHD and yourself important even before you take action?
  • S.I.M.P.L.E. goal achievement formula will stop your always racing mind and help you put things in order.
  • How do you change your behaviour and habits, whether you are 25 or 65?
  • 7 Key elements to help you stop procrastination and start taking action.
  • Are you suffering from severe anxiety or even depression? Here is what you should do
  • So much more!

Millions of adults are diagnosed with ADHD but few find solutions needed to thrive…

An ADD or ADHD diagnosis—simply a label for the underlying cause of behaviours—doesn’t mean surrendering to the challenges. In fact, understanding how the brain works will change your perspective and
help you become the best version of yourself.


The Ultimate Success Manual serves as a guide—helping you navigate this daunting, uncharted territory in your life. Author Jim Livingstone—diagnosed with Adult ADHD at age 46—gives a first-hand account of his journey and shares everything he wished someone had explained to him when feeling discouraged and overwhelmed.

Jim hopes to erase the stigma around ADD and ADHD, and help others learn to manage and succeed. In this book, he explains ways to set goals, how to get a support system in place, and the seven key elements for action. He includes all the tips and tools needed to turn your life around!


No matter your age and how severe you think your case is, there is always a way forward. And this book will help you find it and start living your life by design, not by default.

What Readers Are Saying

"Read Jim's book and learn how to prosper with ADHD"

Thom Hartmann, — Multiple New York Times – Bestselling ADHD Author.

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