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01 Novemberr 2023


“You have two choices in life; to accept things as they are, or accept the challenge to change them.” – Jim Livingstone


Personal Power

Personal power grants you the right to make decisions about your own life, goals, and ambitions. To pursue personal growth, learning, and self-improvement. 

 This allows you to use your personal power to consider the impact of your choices on yourself, others, and the environment.

Consider both the short and long-term consequences of your choices.

This week’s ADHD Advantage


ADHD Speed

Individuals with ADHD often have rapid mental processing, allowing them to come up with ideas and solutions quickly. We can connect different pieces of information swiftly, which can make us excellent problem solvers.

This can be beneficial in situations that demand quick decision-making, such as during high-pressure situations or fast-paced environments.

Link action to your faster processing speed and power through your tasks.

This week’s ADHD Challenge


Converting Information into Knowledge

Your ADHD brain loves new information.

Dopamine is released during the learning process as it’s a new or novel experience.

It feels so enjoyable that it can border on becoming an addiction.

Your hyper-focus can work against you as you get lost in the information-gathering process, but fail to put it to use.


“Knowledge is the result of trialling and testing information; Information without action becomes mere words”.– Jim Livingstone



  • You have to convert the information into knowledge by actually using it.
  • Action is the catalyst that transforms information into results
  • Take ONE piece of information and test to see if it works in your life situation.
  • Review your results and either yes, it did, or no, it didn’t help.
  • Yes, keep doing it and build it into a routine or habit
  • No, dump it and try another piece of information 
  • Repeat

Weekly Tip

Dopamine Delights

Bribe your ADHD brain with little splashes of dopamine to help you do tasks that you struggle with. The boring, rather die than do it ones.

Set ONE task with a timeline, your intended result and the reward when you achieve it.

For longer tasks, set up a couple of milestones for rewards

As an example: After I make the bed, feed the dogs and pick up the dog poo, I give myself a week’s holiday on a tropical Island… just kidding I don’t pick up the dog poo…ha-ha.


“We are all born lazy, some people stay that way.” – Jim Livingstone


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