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22 Novemberr 2023


“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.” — William James


Personal Power

Your personal power comes from within, and by harnessing it effectively, you can achieve remarkable things. 

Stay focused, remain persistent, and never underestimate your own potential.

This week’s ADHD Advantage


Your ADHD Difference

Celebrate your neurodivergence.
Find the courage to live your life on your terms. Embrace your unique journey and pace, and don’t compare yourself to others. 

With self-acceptance, perseverance, and the right strategies, you can live a fulfilling and satisfying life with ADHD.

This week’s ADHD Challenge


ADHD at Work

It is a personal decision whether you openly discuss your ADHD with your colleagues. Only do what you are comfortable with and that is in your best interests. 

Working in a neurotypical office environment can present unique challenges for someone with ADHD, but there are several strategies that can be helpful in overcoming those challenges.


“Your ADHD is not a roadblock, it’s a detour that can lead you on a different and equally fulfilling path”.



  • Educate yourself about ADHD and how it specifically affects you.
  • Ask to set a routine that gives you a sense of stability and makes it easier to manage your time effectively.
  • Consider using noise-cancelling headphones, requesting a quieter workspace if possible, or arranging your desk in a way that minimizes visual distractions.
  • Talk to your co-workers about your needs so that they can be supportive. But again you don’t have to explain why you
  • If you are comfortable openly discussing your ADHD with your supervisor, it can help them understand your challenges better.
  • Talk about strategies that have worked for you in the past, and explore accommodations or adjustments that could be made to support your productivity and overall well-being.

Weekly Tip


While your journey is deeply personal, sharing the successes and challenges with other neurodivergent individuals helps all concerned.

Talking to others who understand the challenges of ADHD can provide valuable insights and coping strategies.


“Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help. This week reach out to someone that might need a lift.” – Pablo




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